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Cannot dial 010 500 0220

Hello if I dial 010 500 0220 it hangs up if I dial from my cell phone the call is answered by an IVR why can't I call this number please & thank you

Hi Andy

I just tried to call that number and it went through to "accelerate" from my freshphone account on my mobile

Please try again. If it still does not work, please send a mail to

Thank you I sent an email but got an auto reply that 

"This email channel will only cater for tickets relating to Billing and Porting, technical enquiries will be automatically closed"

Mine is a technical problem.

It sends me back to this Forum as I am now going in circles.

Hi Andy

As per my mail to you. This issue was brought about by your account being set to not send your Caller ID. That number you are dialing does not accept Anonymous callers.

By changing your account to show your Caller ID, you will be able to successfully call that number.

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