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Unable to dial a specifc number

I'm using Zoiper5 on Linux and on my Android smartphone. I'm unable to dial this number from either Linux or Android: 0106002323 (I've also tried +27106002323)

These are some of the symptoms:

  • Initially I got "No answer"
  • And then I started getting: Forbidden (code: 403)
  • And also: Request timeout (code: 408)

I am able to phone other cellphone numbers.

Does anybody know why I might be unable to dial this specific number?

Good Day Top Cat, Please advise if this is still an issue you are experiencing? I look forward to your feedback. 

Hi Sergeant SaveTheDay.

I'm not getting Forbidden (code: 403) or Request timeout (code: 408) anymore.

It seems to be back to "No answer", even though I don't hear any ringing.

Thank you

Hi There Top cat, I have converted this into a ticket and one of our agent will get back to you. 

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