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Works on ADSL but not on Supersonic (MTN) F-LTE..


I signed up for an account and am using it with a Yealink T23G SIP phone.

When I'm connected via my ADSL internet line it works fine, but as soon as I try use my Supersonic fixed LTE connection it won't connect and reports "registration failed"..

Is it possible that the IP address for my F-LTE service is blacklisted or something like this?


Hi Daniel,

That is possible, please confirm your public IP to check on our end?



Sorry, was away from home for a few days.

The IP is:

Funny thing is it's now half working.. The Yealink phone claims to be connected and if I try make a call from it I get a "I'm sorry, no funds" message - which makes sense as I've not loaded any funds yet - however I cannot call the number from my another phone and also on the freshphone dashboard it reports the "device status" as "offline".

Hmm, well, I loaded some airtime and now it all seems to work just fine.

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