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Unable to submit RICA form

Hi FreshPhone

My second SIP account I am unable to submit Rica form as the name box is not editable and I am unable to type my name. The ID, Address and Choosefile elements on the form works as expectes.

Thanks. This query is resolved. RICA done by emailing

Hi Louis

Kindly please upload your ID via the portal.

I am able to locate your account and insert your name on my end.


As explained, Unable to submit the form on TMS for the number that needs RICA reg. I have done the upload via the active number on my account. Is that what you needed?

Good day Fresh.

I signed up for a second 087 number recently but unable to RICA due to inability to submit the RICA form accessible from the account page for the new number. As explained, while the ID, address and browse fields work as expected, the name field is not editable, thus the submit button cannot be pressed or is not responding. I have tried the same procedure in multiple browsers with the same result.

Can someone please help with the RICA registration?

Hi Lu

Please send your RICA documentation to


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