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Please tell me, is there encryption and are calls secure?  (cant be hacked).  Was hacked recently and dont want a re-occurrence. Thanks 

Hi Aman

You can get 1 extra DID per account or you can port as many as you would like to us. If you are looking for more DID's, I recommend moving over to our Business arm which is called Euphoria. You can send a mail to to open an account

Thanks.  Please tell me, is it possible to get more then one number?  If possible, I'd like to purchase a small block of numbers.  Maybe 5-10.   What will this cost?

Hi Aman

The only way you can be hacked is if someone gets access to your SIP credentials (username and password)

We have md5# encryption

Thanks. Does that include the actual phone call itself?  No eavesdropping?

Thanks.  Does that include the voice call itself?  No SRTP (I think the encryption is).  In other words so eavesdropping or intercepting of calls?

Hi Aman

We do not run TLS on the Freshphone network. If you are looking for this functionality, then please visit our sister company website which is a Premium VoIP package which includes TLS.

Freshphone is our residential arm and Euphoria is our business arm which handles Premium functionality at a premium

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