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Unable to call from Cell C Fixed LTE

I don't use Cell C Fixed LTE much. I just did a quick test and

1. I can't use the Dialer app on the tms webpage.

2. I can't call from the Fresh Phone Android app on my phone.

3. I can't call using a 3rd party SIP app.

All of the above works from Telkom LTE, so I'm blaming Cell C

Hi Nic,

Thank you for the post, we do not however block any traffic for Cell C.

This could also be the way the Cell C router has been configured.

Ok. It seems like Cell C is working now.

Hi, All MTN numbers can not dial the ported Telkom number! But in the time it was with Axxess was not a issue! It is: you do not have the permission to dial these number!

Hi Janos

I escalated your issue to our provider.

I will reply on the private ticket I have with you.


Hi Nic,

Thank you. 

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