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Setting Up Polycom 331 Soundpoint


I hope to have some easy guidance here. Trying to setup Polycom 331 Soundpoint. but it keeps showing Line Unregistered. NTP settings seem to work not sure about the SIP settings I might be doing wrong.

Logs on the polycom, last line shows

0202222136|sip |4|03|Registration failed User: xxxxxxxxx, Error Code:480 Temporarily not available

Screenshots of simple setup i have done. possible that i might have to do more advanced configuration but I'm not sure about that

Hi Matthys,

Thank you. 

Hi Fresh Man

I found out the problem. seems like I had to use IP address instead of

Thank you for your interest to respond

Hi Matthys, 

I don't know what 0202222136 is? if it is the username you are using to register you need to use the 2787xxx one.

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