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Half of outgoing calls not going through

When making outgoing calls only about half of them are succesfully connected. After sending a SIP Invite packet we don't get a reply on some calls. The session then times out eventually.

When trying the echo test (*99) it works 100% of the time.

Hi Nico,

Thats weird, its still a call from your network to ours so it should suffer the same issues. Can you send me the PCAP of a successful call and a failed call, rather do this via a ticket, we don't want to expose your network :)

Thanks Fresh Man. I have created the ticket.

I actually have the exact same issue.

Do I need to create a separate ticket?  What was your resolution?

Hi Schalk,

We have replied on the private ticket for you.

Hi Schalk, the problem was that the callerid in the dashboard was wrong. If you look at the callerid on your dashboard under account settings it should start with +27. Freshphone had to replace the callerid and after that everything worked flawlessly. Hope that helps you.

the past 2 weeks, I have been struggling to make outgoing calls, even to numbers that i frequently use. When I  attempt to dial,  the majority of times TRYING, and below it PLACED ON HOLD  is displayed. If i leave it to flollow through, the message ERROR and still PLACED ON HOLD is displayed and I get the optioin to RETRY or CLOSE. If i retry, the same process is repeated. very rarely will I get a message of only TRYING  and then the call connects. I am using mobile data on a vodacom network with the app installed on an android phone. I am 300 metres from a base tower and my signal strenght and speed is very good. when a call does go through, the quality is good. Is there anything i can do to remedy the problem?

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