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Grandstream HT801 not registered

 Hi there,

I'm struggling to get my Grandstream HT801 to register.

I have set up my config as shown in this video, but on the status screen it still shows "Not Registered"


The connection to the freshphone app works fine however.

Hi Ferdinand

Please check the router to ensure you have disabled the SIP ALG setting in the security/firewall section. Or is the FreshPHONE app using the same router via wifi?

Next step would be to mail us screenshots of your config pages of the ATA, so we can just double check everything. You can mail

Hi Fresh Man,

Yes my FreshPHONE app and Grandstream is going through the same router.

I have sent you an email with the information you requested.


Hi just checking that my email was received, I got an auto-reply saying the ticket will be closes if it is about support?

Hi there,

I think I found the issue, the subnet of my static ip config was not the same as my router subnet. I made the two the same now it shows "Registered"


Hi Ferdinand

Great news

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