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Account Inactive

Have had a Freshphone number for a few years already. A number of people have attempted to contact me on it recently, but the number does not ring or go to voicemail, it just disconnects.

I just tried calling from the number in question and it states that the account is not active.

In the TMS/portal it states quite clearly that the RICA documents are in order, that the device status is online and active and that the email address for the voicemail is set up correctly.

I cannot see any facility in the TMS/Portal to activate the number

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I have an account inactive problem. Tried to sign up for new number and it would not let me choose new number even those were available. It said: “there is something very wrong with email account” and then “account overused”. Quite odd.

Please can you also assit me I am also having the same issue as Craig and would like to keep my number as I have given it out to many people.

Hi Paul

We only allow 5 accounts per email address

Hi Kevin

Your account looks fine. Please send a mal to if you are still experiencing an issue

I am having the same issue. Just tried twice to sign up again and select a new number, but I am unable to get it working. It only shows my old number, not the newly selected number.

Hi Renier

Kindly advise if you are still experiencing this issue, if so please send a mail to


Issue was resolved after sending a mail to that account.

Hi Renier

Thank you for confirming.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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