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Freshphone App Feature Request to Block numbers

I've seen a few older posts asking about the ability to block numbers, and the reply has always been that this needs to be done on the device.

Could I therefore request that this feature be added to the Freshphone app, as its something that I'm sure we all need to do from time to time....


Revisiting this now...  the first three digits won't work as it will block other numbers with this digits which might be valid..  also, I can't seem to find "incoming call processing" on the app?  how do I get to it?

Hi thereĀ 

The reason we say block the number on the actual device is because on the freshphone app itself you can block calls but it will block the prefix of the number the first three digits so all calls that have that prefix wont be allowed to call you. This feature is found under Incoming call processing, you will have to add a rule to block the prefix.

We will look into having this option available in the future.

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