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Incoming call issue on Yealink T40G


I can make outgoing FreshPhone calls on a Yealink T40G but incoming calls do not work.  I can receive incoming calls on the FreshPhone iOS mobile app while on the same routers WiFi.  Is this an issue with the Yealink phone or is it a network setting or security issue?  I tried turning SIP ALG off as suggested elsewhere but it does not resolve the issue.

My installation is on Openserve fibre 40Mbps and the ISP is Afrihost. The router is a Dlink DIR825 AC1200.  DND is not activated on the phone.  Outgoing call quality is excellent.  What else can I do to allow incoming calls?

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Hi Brett,

The freshphone account can only be registered to one device. If you are going to use the Yealink phone please do not use the mobile application as the registration will be moved to app once you log in. 

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