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Forwarding my cell number to my freshphone number

Hi there 

Is it possible to forward a cell number to my freshphone.  I often struggle with my network signal and we live in quite a remote area where it isn't always stable. My internet signal is more reliable in my current environment.  How do I setup my my account so that it will allow for forwarding of a cell number to my fresh phone?



Hi Catherine,

There is a feature on your mobile phone to forward calls to other numbers. You will be able to find the feature under call features on your mobile device. 

Thank you for replying, this has assisted me greatly.  I tried and works perfectly.  When someone calls my cell which is forwarded to my freshphone, will it charge anything to my cell airtime/contract or will it simply cost the caller?

Thanks once again for your assistance. 

Hi Catherine,

I would suggest you contact your mobile provider to see if there are any chargers to forwarding your calls. 

To answer the last question - every single mobile operator in South Africa that I have tested, charges normal call rates for forwarded calls. Ie. someone calls you, they pay their operator, and you pay your operator for the duration of their call. 

Hi Coenraad,

Thank you very much for posting that information.

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