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Yealink w60b has no sound both ways

Good day. I have a Yealink w60b and I'm having an issue with the sound when answering calls. I can not hear people when answering the phone and they can not hear me either. I usually reset the phone and it goes back to normal where the phone works just fine. This usually lasts a day or so and I have the same issue again. Have tried several recommendations as per your forum but it continues to do the same. Please advice how I can resolve this issue?

Hi Nikola,

There are 2 things that could be causing these audio issues on your device.

1. The codecs are not set to use G729 only.

2. 'SIP ALG' is enabled on your internet router.

I am also having this issue with my Yealink w60b. Have made sure that G729 is the only codec and SIP ALG is disabled on my router.

Have no incoming or outgoing sound, and have to reboot the W60b, after a day it's doing the same thing again!


Hi Wayne,

Please upgrade the firmware for your handset and base station. This can be done by following the steps below:

1. Download the latest firmware for your base station and W56H handset. Please download W60B- and W56H- for the handset from the Yealink website.

2. Please log in to the web interface of the phone to upgrade the firmware.

3. Once logged in go to Settings->Upgrade->Select the firmware for the base station that you have downloaded and press 'Upgrade'. The upgrade may take some time please do not reboot or close the tab while the upgrade is busy. The same would have to be done for the handset upgrade.

My Base firmware is, should I downgrade it?

Hi Wayne,

Please upgrade the firmware of the device if you can, do not downgrade the device. 

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