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Moving number from my account to a new account


currently when I log in, I can see 3x 087xxxxx numbers on my account. 

So initially my mother only wanted to port off her telkom line but didn't know, or rather didn't want to learn at the time how to do the VOIP stuff, so I did it all for her. Since we are in different provinces, at the time, the simplest solution was to just do it on my own account. In hindsight, I should have created a new login for her.

Now, she wants to start topping up her account herself, instead of letting me do it each time.

So how would I go about this. 

Can I ask her to create herself a login on the website, then somehow would you be able to move the 087 # with ported telkom # over? 

Then I assume she will have to redo the RICA which she will be able to do now.

Thank you in advance!

Hi David

You mom may create an account for herself and upload her Rica documents

The number can be moved from your account to your mom's account.

The number move will cost 172.50 Vat Incl.

To Start this process, please mail an Authorisation letter from yourself and your mom, using the below template to

(On Company Letterhead)



I, [Customer Name] hereby give permission to Euphoria Telecom to move the following number from [Company's Name] PBX to [Company's Name] PBX.

The number/s we want moved is/are:
• <+27*********>

Kind regards,

Once we have received this authorisation letter, an exact time and date to move the numbers across will be discussed.


Thats crazy!

Why is there such a cost to this? 

The telkom number was already ported to Freshphone. Only want to move it between 2x Freshphone accounts?

Hi David, 

The flat rate for number moves are R150 Vat Excl. I will escalate your request to our management team and create a ticket for you once feedback is received.


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