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Unable to make calls - Path Busy - Yealink W60B/W53H

 Hi, getting an error on my W53H handset (W60B base) when trying to make an outgoing call. It rings for about 2 times thereafter, it says "Path busy" and the call ends. Same goes for incoming calls - rings until you pick up and goes dead.

A reboot of the W60B base station resolves this issue for a while but then the issue returns. This is very frustrating and making the device unusable practically. 

What is the problem here? And is there an issue on my side (device configuaration) or on Freshphone's side?

Hi Pieter

This is a known issue with Yealink. Have you managed to find the correct advice about changing the firmware on the base and handset? If not, please reply and we can send you the steps

Please upgrade the firmware for your handset and base station. This can be done by following the steps below:

1. Download the latest firmware for your base station and W56H handset. The base station that you currently have is a W60B, please download W60B- and W56H- for the handset.

2. Please log in to the web interface of the phone to upgrade the firmware.

3. Once logged in go to Settings->Upgrade->Select the firmware for the base station that you have downloaded and press 'Upgrade'. The upgrade may take some time please do not reboot or close the tab while the upgrade is busy. The same would have to be done for the handset upgrade.

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