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Configuring Grandstream ATA adaptor

The adaptor has been set up as per the attached file

The password was copied and pasted from the FF page

After the details were inserted, I clicked "Apply" and then Rebooted the device

I cannot figure why it won't register

A friend looked at it and, apart from the phone number, the configuration is identical

Thank you

Hi Elfi

The authentication password is not there on the screenshot provided please add the password and try registering.

Please let us know if that works.

On the Grandstream ATA, the password is not show after you choose "Apply" and then reboot.  

There is a note to that effect to the right of the space where the password is inserted

The configuration simply consists of entering the SIP server, the telephone number and the password which is shown on the FF page.  To avoid a mistake, I carefully copied and pasted it

Looking at the FF Dashboard page, the phone goes on-line and off-line every 10 mins

For instance, see the pic attached

I got someone to call the number, he could hear it ringing but the handset here did not ring.  If I pick up the receiver and dial a number, it goes peep-peep-peep.

(49.1 KB)

Go you please advise on your internet router if SIP alg is turn off under the security tab.

SIP alg blocks SIP traffic over a network.

Please check if this has been disabled.

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