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Ghost Connection?


Why does the portal show me as online and connected, when i'm not.

I've actually put my cellphone off and have no other devices setup with my Freshphone account, and yet on the portal - 


Device Status




250ms (Fine)


IP Address

Whatever this ghost connection is, its overriding my actual app's connection, making incoming calls not work.

When I launch my app. the IP address shown in the portal is my correct network publci IP address and for a minute or 2 incoming calls are ok.  Then suddenly the IP address on the portal changes to the one above, and at that point I'm unable to receive calls (but can still make outgoing calls)..   

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That is a mobile app push notification server IP address.

In other words, when you registered your mobile app, it then registered on the push notification server overseas to wake up your app when you receive a call. To strip that registration away from the push server, you need to re-install the app and then go to settings and click Reset Application

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