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Outgoing calls from PC fail with response "Call Failed"

Outgoing calls from PC fail immediately with response "Call Failed"

Outgoing calls worked until 19 Feb 20

I am using Chrome on Win 10

I previously had this problem reported on 14 Feb. Resolved on 17 feb by reactivating opus codec.

last used successfully on 19 Feb

Hi Ian

I have reported the issue and await for it to be resolved. And before I even finished, it has been resolved. There was roll back done on the system and we needed to remove OPUS from your account and re-add it again

I have the same problem. What does one need to do to get this working?

I re-activated OPUS on your account please test again and advise.

Whole new backend but calls still cannot be made

Please check if SIP ALG is enabled on the routers firewall.

This might need to be disabled 

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