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Sip simple

I use Bria. Works great. I can do the below if freshphone support sip simple. Do you? Presence and messaging With presence and messaging, you can: Exchange instant messages with a Buddy. Create a chat room. Requires an XMPP account. Send SMS text messages to PSTN cell phone numbers if your VoIP service provider supports SMS over SIP SIMPLE. Share online status with your Buddies (Available, Away, Busy, On the Phone, Do Not Disturb, Appear Offline). Bria Mobile supports the XMPP (jabber) and SIP SIMPLE messaging protocols. Most SIP based VoIP providers do not support SIP SIMPLE. In this case, you will only be able to use XMPP for Presence and Messaging.
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Hi Aldert

I don't think it would work. Best would for you to try it out. Good luck

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