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Incoming calls... Works for 10 minutes, then stops working...

I have been through all the how-tos on the site but have the same problem with both the SNOM300 and the Yealink W60B.

If I reboot either device, I am able to receive calls for around 10 minutes, after that incoming calls no longer ring either device.  I can still make outgoing calls.

I figured this was a problem with the Huawei device, so I removed it and am now running a clean Mikrotik config for basic PPPOE dialing of the Fibre connection. 

I then thought perhaps the problem is with the SNOM300 device as I had followed all of the config tips on the website so I just bought the recommended yealink device and am still having the same problem.  Not sure what to do next?

Hi Glenville

This is normally connectivity related. Could also be the type of router you use causing the issues. It can also be the hardware that you are making the calls from. 9 times out of 10 it is the connectivity

Why is the sound quality so bad. When making a call, it keeps on braking up. You cannot hear the people on the other side?

Hi James

Great news


It was indeed the Mikrotik that was causing the problem and disabling the protocol services as you suggested resolved the problem.


Okay great

Thanks, I have disabled and will test and report back.


Hi James

It must be your firewall closing the SIP port on your connection after that 10 minute period, if you reboot, it connects via a different port and thus registers again for 10 minutes. You can dial out as your network allows a opening of a port from within your network, but you won't receive as its not allowing it from outside in.

Huawei is usually just SIP ALG that needs to be disabled

Mikrotik needs the following disabled SIP Direct Media, dccp, sctp and UDP lite

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