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Porting anomoly

I asked for my Telkom 021XXX number to be ported to my Freshphone number

I also loaded the Freshphone app on my iPhone

What happens now is that if someone calls the 021- number, the iPhone rings instead but the IP phone does not

Is this what is supposed to occur?

I am more confused than ever

Hi Chris

You can't have 2 devices with the same account on, as they will fight for registration the whole time. The one registered at the given moment will receive calls, they both will be able to make calls though. The App registers every few minutes, the IP Phone registers every hour, so you will find that most of the time only the app receives calls

Thank you

I opened a second account to use with the mobile phone

However, the IP phone which has been ported to the 021 number does not ring.  On the phone initiating the call, there is a ringing tone, but the handset does not ring

(This is the first account)

Hi Chris

Your first account seems to still be associated to a Push Server that comes from installing our Mobile App. You need to reinstall the mobile app that had this account on, log into that first account on the mobile app, go to settings in the App and choose Reset Application. Then reboot the IP phone and all should be resolved

I reset the first app

Then I logged on again

A message appeared as below (see attachment)

I chose the bottom one (second number, ringed)

Rebooted the IP phone by powering down and back up

IP phone does not ring on dialing 0217618862

(79.3 KB)

Hi Chris

Your original account is still linked to a push server. I can see by the high latency. I actually just saw it jump from the Push Server to an IP that is 41.193.x.x and latency has dropped. 

Hi Chris

I waited a little longer and I see that it is definitely jumping from a Mobile app registration to a IP phone registration. It stayed on the 

I desperately need your assistance how to resolve this please.  I have run out of ideas

I have loaded the FF app on a mobile phone, logged in and selected the offending account, then chose "Reset Application"

This has now been done 4 times.  Yet it does not release the line, as can be seen below

Yet still the IP phone will not ring

Is either of these alternatives workable?

1 - I established a second account.  Would it help to assign the mobile phone to the second account?
2 - Open a third account and instead assign the IP phone to this account?

Thank you


Can I pay someone at Euphoria to get this right?

Please advise

Hi Chris

I was going to suggest that you open a second account and then move your ported number and airtime to that account. If you are ok with this, just send a mail to requesting the move. I will ensure that they do this without any costs applicable to you.


I'll open a (third) acc (already have one for IP phone, one for ATA device) and do what you suggested.  I don't mind paying for this

PS:  Is there any documentation that provided guidelines about what and what not to do with mobile phones?  Had I known from the outset, this would have saved a great deal of time and trouble

Tried that

What does this mean please?


It means that the DID, which is a number, can't be found. You just need to choose any number for account creation and then we can move the ported DID across and your calling credit.

After thousands of mobile App installs and then changing to an IP phone, this is the first time a user has not been able to simply reset application and move on. If it happens more than just this once, we will definitely look at documentation

Ok, done

The number is

I sent an email to billing as suggested

Thank you

The changes has been done as requested.

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