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International calls Down

Good Day

I am not able to make international calls, I used to be able to as i did enable the dial codes but now it just goes beep beep beep then nothing.

Hi Eugene

There was an issue with an international provider that we use and we switched to a different one. It should be fine now. I do see that you have 2 accounts, one of them does not have international destinations active

How do I activate my Freshphone to make and receive international calls.

Please enable the country in which you wish to dial in the country dialing restrictions at You will be able to receive international calls by default.

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I registered a new account yesterday which was subsequently FICA / RICA'd successfully.

You should  be able to trace the no.based on the initials used in the forum, should you wish to check any settings.

I ticked UK in the TMS part dealing with country bloacking, and even put a dedicated UK landline no. into the whitelist (essentially for testing out, at this stage).

I downloaded the FreshPhone app from Google Play to a BB Keyone (Version: BBB100-1).  I'm able to dial out to SA landlines and cell nos., but when I try dialing overseas to UK nos., the app. tries for a few seconds (a weird, wavy muted sounding tone) then ends the call.

Clicking on the "i" botton reveals :

Call State : On Hold

.. though I've not pressed anything during dialing out, to activate holding the call.

I don't see anything related when searching your forum, dealing with this particular issue.

Could it be that as I'm only in a testing phase, and therefore haven't yet loaded more airtime than the R5 voucher amount, that your system won't allow the call to go through (which would seem ironic because UK landline rates seem cheaper than local SA rates - ie. 30c vs 38c / minute, from what I remember seeing) ?

Or do I need to setup anything else - like SIP settings - which I didn't seem to come across in your app, and/but which seem obligatory when using Zoiper (so I was hoping to avoid Zoiper and just use your app which seems simpler) ?

If so, please advise what to click on in Settings, within the FreshPhone app. ?

I subsequently deleted the app on that phone and set it up on a Huawei 8S, but I encounter the exact same issue.  Calls can dial out locally in SA, but I get Call State : On Hold when trying a UK number.

Please advise if I'm missing anything obvious (like having to topup with R50 or greater, first), or if it's something on your side that needs activating, or if the 2 Android phones I've tried your app on so far, are incompatible with phoniing overseas for some reason ?

Thanks in advance.


I see the error code for the UK calls said invalid. Did you test these numbers with another device to see if the numbers work? 

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