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Is this scenario possible using an IP phone and ATA adaptor?

Have a Fanvil IP phone

Also have an ATA adaptor and understand that I need to open another account to be able to use the ATA adaptor

This will have a different number from the existing Fanvil IP phone

Telkom's number has been ported to the IP number

Can it be arranged that both the IP phone plus the adaptor ring the handsets if there is an incoming call?

Something like a divert or whatever

Thank you

If you divert the one to the other, then only the one being diverted to will work. For both to ring at the same time, you would need a functionality called multi device registrations. FreshPHONE's sister company, Euphoria Telecom, is able to provide this functionality. Euphoria however is a premium solution and not free like FreshPHONE


What does the "divert" option in the dashboard achieve then, if it does not divert?

Hi Chris

It literally does not ring the account and diverts to the number that you put in the divert box.

For example, if you put your cell number there, anyone phoning your FreshPHONE number will be diverted to your Mobile Number and your FreshPHONE account will not ring

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