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Opening a second account to use IP phone and ATA on same internet service

Good morning

Some questions please:   Have a Fanvil IP phone and also a Grandstream ATA 

1   How can I open a second account so I can have both devices connected to the same internet service?

2   Would a second account have the same 087 number as the first?

3   If not, would I be able to port the existing Telkom number to both 087 numbers?

Thank you

Hi Chris

1.Simply register another account with us.

2. You will get a different 087 number

3. N/A

Thank you
I attempted to register another account, to be told I already have one

Is there a specific procedure please?

I figured it out, thanks

No substitute to reading properly!

I'm glad you got this sorted on your side.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance

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