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New Account Unable to make Calls out

Hi there,

A client of mine just newly registered with Freshphone.

At the moment they are not able to make outgoing calls, it rings a single time then disconnects the line.

SIP - 27870953074

They are using a Yealink W56 handset (configured with my account and worked fine).

Could you have a look your side to see what might be causing this please.

Assistance would be much appreciated.

Hi Ian,

I tested in and outbound using the app, all seemed ok. Please can you check the router settings, disable SIP ALG if possible.

Thank you for testing the account.

The router being used does not have SIP ALG to disable unfortunately.

I have used the same handset and config at other clients without this issue. 

I have ask the client to retry and will go to site to check the Yealink device config to double check from my end.

Will update once client replies.

Thank you for letting us know 

Please advise if it is working once the the customer replys

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