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W32P registration problem

W32P has been working for a week using the FreshPhone temporary number. Since changing to the ported Telkom number, the phone will not register. I've checked the numbers carefully, even tried resetting to the temp number without success. I'm unsure if Fresh Phone has blocked me for changing the number, or is there some other problem.

Hi Douglas

Your account is the 2787 number, this is the number that needs to be set up on the phone. You ported number is pointed at your account, ie if someone calls your ported number, it rings on your account 2787xxxxxx

Our system  would probably have blacklisted your IP address due to incorrect credentials hitting our servers and being picked up as a hacking attempt. If you can't register the 2787 number, send a mail to with your Public IP address so we can remove it from our blacklist. You can go to Google and type Whats my IP and it will give you your public IP address

Hi Fresh Man, all OK now, thanks for resetting and your help

Hi Douglas

Always a pleasure

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