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Call hangs up immediately when answering after some time

I have the following setup:

- Yealink W60B

- Vuma/Vox fibre internet

- Vox default Mikrotik router

Originally I had this issue:

but was solved.

If I reboot my device everything works fine for around a day or so, but then all incoming and outgoing calls automatically disconnect when the call is answered.

The same exact phone works fine on another router/isp.

Is there anything I can do to sort this out?


The following need to be disabled on your Mikrotik router:



UDP Lite

SIP Direct Media

Those have been disabled as per But now having this issue. Any other suggestions?

Ask your ISP to allow bidirectional UDP traffic to and from on port 5060, and RTP traffic on ports 10 000 - 20 000

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