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Poor Reception on incoming calls

My fresh phone acc. no.: 27870955270

I had my Telkom number ported on the 6/11/19. 

I installed the fresh phone app on my iphone and the call quality is so poor I can not even use it.  Then I installed the Zoiper app and the call quality is also very poor, not usable.  Not a recommendable product.

I would like to install a yearlink w52 with base, but now I'm unsure if this call quality will also be so poor on this product, these phones are quite pricey.

Please advice what settings I can change and also if this yearlink would be worth it to buy.

Thank you

Johann Stucki

Hi Johann

Our App is free and so is Zoiper. They do not include our primary Audio codec which is g729. Zoiper Pro or Groundwire will have g729 as a premium add on and will work well. The Yealink phones do come with g729( this is why they are pricey), so they will have great call quality

Why do you issue an App without the necessary codec?  I also have an iPhone and battle to make calls.  I eventually fall back on CellC which negates the value of having a freshphone account

Hi Chris

Quite simply, to keep the App free. I have removed the high data usage codec from your account to see if a more simple codec works for you. Please test your calls now.

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