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Ported Number not forwarding to Freshphone Number

Good Evening,

I received confirmation of porting and my ported number is listed in the DID Manager. However, calls to the ported number still ring on my Telkom line and not via my ATA. However, I can make and receive calls on my Freshphone number via the same ATA. Please advise.



Good Morning, The Telkom number is still active on the Telkom line. Please double check the status of my port request. Kind regards

If calls are still going through to your Telkom line then it is likely from a certain provider who has not updated their routing for that number yet. Send a mail to za and they will require examples of calls that did not go through that are not older than 4 hours. They will then escalate to the porting authority who will approach the provider that has not updated routing yet

Hi Aslam

Your number only ported at 00:00 last night

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