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Phone off line after working seamlessly for 4 months. Restarted phone and router numerous times. Any advice?

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Hi Doreen

It has been successfully reset

Hi Doreen

I see a config issue on the account and I have requested the Dev guys to reset. Should happen at about 08:00

Hi Please Help, Please reset my account, have tried registration of all numbers, keeps giving message, “connection has timed out” Please assist. Regards Doreen

Great news

thanks, its working now 

Hi Faiyaz

I have reset your account and it will work once the back end guys match your password and flush out our blacklist server. They should have this done at about 08:00 and then you will be good to go

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I am having the same issue. the app failes to register and on the PC it says "connection timed out, try again"

Hi Sarel

All looks good on our side. Please reset your mobile application and set it up again

Hi, I'm experiencing a the same issue. On dashboard it shows offline and phone does not register from Mobile device. Timed out, please try again later

Hi Laurette

It should be fixed for you now. We replied via your ticket

Hi, I'm experiencing a the same issue. On dashboard it show sits offline. When I make a call it only beeps.

Hi Alan

We did reply to you earlier. Did you not receive it? We have tested your account and it is definitely working without issues. We received your mail at 11:07 and replied at 11:21

it would appear that none of our issues are being resolved to anyone' satisfaction. sent email to help desk automated reply basic not interested

i think i will search and find another supplier 

We are dealing with these on a case by case scenario via email/tickets. If you haven't already, please send a mail to

There might be info that we require which should not be put on a public forum

My phone number is offline for the past 13th days it not registering to the server
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