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Oneway audio, or no audio at all


I have the following setup:

Yealink W60B

- Vuma/Vox fibre internet

- Vox default Mikrotik router

I setup my yealink using the correct freshphone details.  

My phone registers just fine, but when i dial out, or some one calls me,

either both sides are dead or only one side can here the audio.

I then took my phone and plugged into another internet connection, 

and had no problems.

I called Vox to help resolve this, and after playing with the SIP ALG

settings the issue was not resolved.  Vox pretty much said there is

nothing they can do.

Can someone please help me figure this out.


Hi Vasili 

Generally the Mikrotik routers have 4 services which need to be disabled, i.e. SIP Direct Media, DCCP, SCTP, and UDPLite. 

If after disabling these services you still experience one way audio I would recommend asking Vox to make sure they are not blocking RTP ports.

In our experience one way audio is generally caused by a firewall setting. In your case this would be the Mikrotik router.

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Thanks.  Looks like this solved the issue.

That's great news

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