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Register fail issue


I have been using Freshphone for a couple of months. Suddenly from yesterday it is not working and shows register failed in SIP base and offline status in Freshphone profile.

I use Yealink W60B base with Huawei LTE router on Rain network.

I have done following to rectify this but all failed. 

factory reset on Yealink 

hard reset on router and yealink

change port to 5090

SIPALG off in router

Ping go through with  without loss but not go through with IP address

Any advice would be great!



"Network Status:Fully Operational"

I'm having the same issue. Sent an email but also got auto-response back saying it is not the correct support channel to use.

Phone keeps failing with registration. When I try to use the softphone on the Freshphone dashboard, that also fails to connect.

We are dealing with these on a case by case scenario via email/tickets. If you haven't already, please send a mail to

There might be info that we require which should not be put on a public forum

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