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My device is offline, can you please assist as to what must be done, because I have purchased the airtime token also submitted my documents for Rica registration.

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Hi Peta

I just tested both your accounts on my phone and they registered straight away. Please try the SIP Credentials that you will find in the TMS.

We were down on Saturday evening. One of our databases got corrupted. Anyone still struggling to register need to send us a mail to and we will assist on a case by case basis

I am having the same problem.  It seems my device has been offline for quite a while.  I am FICA'd and have credit available but device is offline... possibly since your database got corrupted in November?  


i have the same issued device offline for the past 4 day. please assist

We have responded to your ticket regarding the matter above 

but i have registered the account on my side and all seems good.

Please check your SIP details and try to register the account again.

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