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Device Status Offline after it always worked fine

Good day.

I have been using the service for a few months and it was working fine.  I have the Freshphone & Zoiper apps loaded on my Samsung S7 cellphone and all worked fine, until I checked into my account online today and it said "device status offline".  I have checked everything on the Freshphone platform online and it is exactly as it was before.  Both the Freshphone app and Zoiper App on my phone says that the accounts are activated and all seems fine, but no calls come through to my cellphone routed number, and it still says device offline.

I can see no logical errors to be fixed.  Help will be really appreciated.

The Device status should be fixed on Friday night, it is just not reading the correct database

We were down on Saturday evening. One of our databases got corrupted. Anyone still struggling to register need to send us a mail to and we will assist on a case by case basis

Hi There - also experiencing the same problem,  I cannot call or receive calls. 

Dashboard mere says Device Status Offline. 

Please assist - need to urgently get up and running as this is a business line. 

Many thanks.

I have a similar problem since yesterday - the web page shows my device status as "offline" but when I call or make calls everything works correctly. This is the first time that I have seen this as normally the status is "Online" with the details of my device etc.

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