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I have been using Neotel as my service provider for more than 7 years now. As you know it very well, they could not carry on with their services and advised us therefore to port our numbers to other companies. I did it with you guys and register; up until now, there is no sign at ALL from you on the porting of my numbers and the usage of the new number you have allocated to me !!!! Can you please help with regards to this matter.


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The "087" number is your account number and can also be used for making and receiving calls.

To start the porting process please login to your TMS:

 - Select your account

- Select DID manager on the right hand panel

- Select "Port my geographical number"

- Follow the prompts and complete the porting application form

- Upload all documents and submit your submission.


Please DO NOT cancel your line with your current provider, only cancel it once the port has been successful, The provider will receive a port out notification and they should automatically cancel your line, however always best to follow up with a call to them to confirm the cancellation on the line.


We cannot port a cancelled/suspended line.


Porting takes between 7-21 days.

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