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B315, can make calls but cant recieve.

 On the dashboard it always shows device offline. Doesn't matter if i use Zoiper or the B315 router's anologue phone.

Both devices can register and i can make calls, but not receive.

When I change the registration IP It does ring when i try to call it but only for a 1miute or 2 and then it stops.

Hi Werner, as I stated regarding the offline status in the TMS:

The second issue is that currently we are currently having issues with  the phone status not displaying in the TMS, this is because we are  almost done with building the new version of the TMS, this is being done  along side the Euphoria TMS, certain things have bee updated and  changed in the back end, one of which is the way we handle logging of  the phone status. Unfortunately I was only made aware of this recently  and after investigation noticed that the phone status page is using the  OLD table in the database to get the status, I have asked development to  update the code for the current FreshPHONE TMS. I finally have a dev  working on this right now. If it gets fixed today, the code will only be  rolled out to live on Friday night after the testing cycle.

-- It is being worked on currently.

Hi Fresh Man,

When I initially created and setup my account I used the app for a few days.

But since then, i've gotten my un-used B315 out, popped a Sim in it and connected my analogue Motorola dect phone to it. I don't have any apps using Freshphone details at the moment, so i'm not sure why you seeing that on your side.

In the B315 settings, it does show registered. But I will wait a while and see if anything that you've done has any effect on my side.

Thank you.

The thing with the App is it uses Push notifications, this means if you close the app the registration stays alive on the push server so it can wake the app up when it has a call. If you just delete the app with out resetting it first, this push will stay on the server and thus interfere with any other device you try to register. You may need to re-install the app log in and then reset it to clear the server reg.

I managed to find a way to make the phone status show in the current state until we update the code to use the new method. You should see your device status now.

Hi Freshman,

So I've reinstalled the apps and reset all of them. I can see on the dashbaord it shows online, and the phone is ringing now.

Thanks for your help.

Thats good news, I must just make note that the TMS showing online now is not related to any issues you were having previously, I assume the resetting fixed that. The TMS issue was purely a display issue, it has no impact on the system itself.

Glad to know it was only a display issue. Unfortunatly now the "ringing" has stopped again. :(

I will do some other testing tonight. Thank you for your help thus far.

I see that its registered to the push server again, I will try have it purged. The push server is that of a 3rd party so I cant guarantee it will be done timely.

Seems to have been cleared, please test.

Thanks, I'll maybe have to power cycle the router later when im home again. Calls currently fail to go through.

Hi Freshman,

So what I've noticed over the last few hours is that it works for like 5 mins then it stops. When I reboot the router or change the registration details from the url to the ip address it does the same thing. It works for 5 mins and then it stops.

I've turned of SIP ALG and followed all instructions for the LTE B315 router. Any advice or feedback you can give is greatly appriceiated.

Should I rather just get an ATA and plug straight into my fibre router?

I am not certain of what this could be, everytime today that I checked your account it has been registered, that means my server knows where to route the calls. I can only look at the log files for you and see if there is anything in there as to why the device doesn't ring but if from my side it dials you then it could be the B315. Do you have an example of a failed call? time, date, source number?

I never have a problem dialing out, that part works fine and call quality is good.

But the dialing in one works for 5 mins and then stops, almost like it "sleeps". Wierd, I know.

If possible, you could try dialing that number right now, the call will most probably fail.

Shud I just ditch this setup and use Zoiper? or get the phone hooked up via an ATA?

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