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B315, can make calls but cant recieve.

 On the dashboard it always shows device offline. Doesn't matter if i use Zoiper or the B315 router's anologue phone.

Both devices can register and i can make calls, but not receive.

When I change the registration IP It does ring when i try to call it but only for a 1miute or 2 and then it stops.

I've had the same issues today. But using a HT802 ATA, device is registered, but doesnt sghow online on the TMS. And people cant call me. While I can also make calls out. 

Freshphone should get a NETWORK notice dashboard. 

On the TMS, it shows network status,fully operatonal.

Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this issue.

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Then you're better off than me - I've been trying since yesterday, apparently Freshphone is experiencing some registration issues.   So my device still shows offline - but at the moment calls are working again.  But it does make me worry about the reliability of this service, worse than Telkom right now. 

How long have you been using this service? Does things like this happen regularly?

hi, I can also make calls from my phone, but cannot receive calls.

Also having the same problem, cannot receive calls, but can phone out. Has anybody had any feedback?

My device still shows offline - and its been like that for 3 days now.  No change in status. Apparently an upstream registration issue that they are working on. 

What I've come to learn is that because Freshphone is a free service (no monthly fees) - this is basically a user self-help forum.   So you got to figure out the issues here among other users having similar problems. 

Hope things stabilize , I've gone through all the setting of my Dlink router with my ISP and with Grandstream re the ATA, the setting on this end are correct for proper  functionality for VOIP. Nothing is blocking VOIP functionality on my router's firewall either.

My initial (no ringtone issue was because one had to change the ringtone code on the ATA, for older analogue phones to ring, but that is fixed. 

Freshphone's dashboard also doesnt show one anywhere is there is any conflicting registration between devices on your account - sothat you can delete any one of them. 

For now only the registration error on the TMS remains a concern. 

@Werner , where do you find your information? "Upstream Registration //issue"?

Was just wondering if there is any other forum/contact.

This whole thing is a little frustrating.

If not resolved by the end of the week, I might give Switch-tel a try.

I got that info in a reply from Freshphone.  But yes this service is discussed on other ICT forums. 

FreshPhone uses Euphoria, which uses ICTGlobe

I've tried everything now - my phone works fine - but the HT802 , although it says registered on the device, which it must be, the TMS doesn't give its status as registered. 

I'm out of ideas. 

And Euphoria Telecom, doesnt seem to provide support to FreshPhone users either. So it appears you have to upgrade to a monthly paid service to get support from Euphoria Telecom which is similar to Switch-tel. 

Hi all, 

I would like to just clarify some things. First off the "registration issue" I assume this was regarding the day in which we were having issues receiving incoming calls. This was unfortunately ICT Globes fault, they attempted to upgrade their SBC (porta) platform with out success. This caused load issues and they were forced to roll back in the middle of the day which is a massive no no usually but they stated they had no choice. This meant about 15 mins or so for downtime on our partition. The issue is that we port numbers and supply some 087 numbers to and from ICT globe. If they are down, there is no way to get an incoming call, the port is a static thing and the destination can not be updated dynamically. I am sure if you attempted outbound calls at this time they would have terminated correctly because we load balance outbound traffic over multiple carriers.

The second issue is that currently we are currently having issues with the phone status not displaying in the TMS, this is because we are almost done with building the new version of the TMS, this is being done along side the Euphoria TMS, certain things have bee updated and changed in the back end, one of which is the way we handle logging of the phone status. Unfortunately I was only made aware of this recently and after investigation noticed that the phone status page is using the OLD table in the database to get the status, I have asked development to update the code for the current FreshPHONE TMS. I finally have a dev working on this right now. If it gets fixed today, the code will only be rolled out to live on Friday night after the testing cycle.

Lastly regarding Euphoria Telecom and FreshPHONE support, Euphoria Telecom does not provide support for FreshPHONE, they are treated as separate platforms. While we do as much as we can to support FreshPHONE, it was designed to be self help, I realize that the TMS display issue is not something which anyone but we can sort out, how ever they system works for hundreds of people, there are no issues currently, if your device is not working there is a reason, this could be due to mis-configuration or the ISP you are using blocking SIP traffic. We have had many issues with Afrihost/Cell C and Dlink routers over the years. My suggestion would be to try to troubleshoot the issue to the point of installing the FreshPHONE app on your mobiles and registering on and off of LTE, testing calls etc. If you can see that the system works fine over LTE but as soon as you use WIFI then there are issues, this could mean a router issue or ISP problem, we can not dedicate hours of resources to troubleshooting home networks, there are too many variables.  Having said that if you can offer enough information of troubleshooting that has been done on your network/equipment, we can look deeper into the system side and see if there is anything we can assist with. Sometimes unfortunately the system just does not work in certain clients environments and we are not able to resolve the issue. 

We are trying our best to keep this service free, we are doing what we can to help where we can. I just wanted to be transparent about the issues past and present and to clarify that the FreshPHONE platfrom did not actually go down at all, we were at the mercy of an issue with an SP, it was unavoidable.

 Hi Fresh Man.

Thanks for offering an explanation of what was going on. I understand that it's a "free" service and not alot of resources is dedicated, it's just a little frustrating that your reply is 6 days later.  But thank you for what you do here in the forums.

Lastly, my phone registers perfectly fine, I can make outbound calls and quality is great. Only thing is inbound, my phone doesn't ring. Is this just a problem on my side? Or is it because of the TMS database?

Thanks for the explanation Fresh Man. I had a long chat to Euphoria Telecom this morning as well. As I see the top up invoicing comes from them. 

This is their response to asking any support. 

"Euphoria Telecom does not provide any form of email, calling or ticketing support to FreshPhone, FreshPhone is a standalone free residential service and is not intended to be used for business purposes. FreshPhone does not provide any direct support so please refer all queries to their community forum at"

Elton, if your phone doesn't ring, then its most likely because of the ringtone code that is incorrect - dont ask me where that is to be changed, but it is normally on the device settings. On an ATA you can set it. 

Now even Euphoria's TMS shows the same status of "offline device" as essentially it seems its the same TMS gateway. Even has the same login. 

ATAs should come up on the TMS (my understanding anyway) as a registered device. When on the device GUI itself it shows registered and online. And some people here have actually succeeded in getting that to happen...

On my side everything works fine - but the ATA will simply not show up as Online on the TMS...for whatever reason.  And I am out of ideas as to why that that is. 

The way I understand it is that FreshPhone is a reseller of Euphoria Telecom services, which in turn uses  ICTGlobe.

I rest with the following conclusion. If the hardware works, and the software of the hardware allows calls in and out without blocking it - then it works...regardless of what the TMS says. 

Hi Elton, 

According to my server your account is online on the FreshPHONE app, is this correct information? I just removed your registration from the server to update a codec, your account has iLBC enabled, I believe that the app has a newer version of iLBC which is causing some quality issues, these days I just remove it, its an old Codec which doesn't really offer any advantage. Please allow some time for the reg to come back and I will continue to test further.

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