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How long does it take to Rica a account


I applied for a aaccount of 21 October 2019.  Loaded the the documents as requested.  It is 48 hours later nothing nada.  Still the account shows "Someone will be validating your documents shortly."  So imple question seen taht this seems to be the norm with VOIP service prodiders - Do you want to provide a service Simple Yes/No.  No some bull story of excuses that is not worth the paper it is written on.  For once in you life be honest and just answer yes/no we want/don't want to provide a service!  Simple base on that then we do not even start any bissiness! 



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Your Rica has been approved on the 21st of October 2019 at 1.39pm. The mail has not maybe been sent out. I have sent you the mailer now.

Apologies for the delay.

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