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Porting Help

Good day. Hope you are well. I would like to know when the Telkom number is successfully ported. I am not sure now. As I can phone my Telkom number and it is on my fresh phone account. On my DID account number list. But When is it safe to cancel. I already started the Cancelation process. But the lady told me it's in porting is in progress. Please confirm when the number is successful and complete and how I will know this. Your speedy response is highly appreciated Kind regards Salmaan

I can confirm that your number ported successfully on the 10th October 2019.  If you have done testing from different networks and it all calls go through, you may cancel your Telkom account if you wish to. 

Thanks alot. Shoh That gave me a morning scare. Thanks for the speedy response.

No problem

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