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Registration Fails/Rejected

Freshphone would intermittently reject my registration requests.

We are using asterisk. Testing would work for a bit, then asterisk would say that registration failed (status rejected). Then, a bit later, things would start working again.

Any ideas?


Normally if it registers and then rejects means that your firewall has closed the port 

Any luck on this? I have just started trying to use Freshphone with FreePBX and after initially registering, my registration is now rejected. After managing to make one call, all subsequent calls were busy ( before registration being rejected). Not sure if that is linked to the rejection.

We are using Vanilla Asterisk with PJSIP (if that makes a difference).

Can you please point me to a place where I might need to look? How will I tell if it is a badly formed FROM?

I also test by calling myself. Could that be a problem?


It could be a badly formed FROM header that's causing you to end up being blacklisted temporarily. Are you using vanilla asterisk or trixbox/freepbx etc?

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