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Sound quality is terrible to Telkom landlines

The sound quality is terrible to landlines, I can barely hear the other person and apparently they can not understand us, but to the limited calls we have made to cell phones it seems to be OK? . The call to land lines is so garbled we cannot use it. Using my Samsung J5 phone for calls. My internet line is 8Mb/s down and 5Mbps up fibre with Afrihost.

Hi Michael, I have just removed the iLBC codec from your account, I think with the app and the packet frame size land lines use, this may have been causing issues, please re-register your account on your app and test the call again. Please let me know if it has made any difference. Thanks.

Thanks for the help, great improvement. Can hear clearly on my side but am told that the people I am talking to that my voice is very faint and far away!.

So it has helped somewhat but there are still issues? Does this faint/far away sound only occur on landlines or mobiles too?

It only happens on landline numbers, the mobile number are working fine.

Hi Michael

We have been doing in depth testing and have tried to replicate this issue and we just can't. This is not being reported by anyone else. Normally this type of issue is connectivity related, but you confirm that your have tried WiFi and mobile data. The only thing that remains is the device that you are using could be at fault. It might have apps running on it that are putting strain on the phone. Try it on a friends phone and see if it persists


I have removed the App and installed it on a Samsung J1. Cell phone calls are OK but landline unusable its terrible.

So I have now used Samsung J5 & J1 and Huawei P20, all with same problem of being unable to call any landline.

The Samsung J1, I first wiped it clean and installed Freshphone App, I have deleted Apps like Face Book etc.

I friend of mine Mrs Betsie Cloete who lives in the same estate as myself, also on my recommendation installed Freshphone 0870955330 and has the identical problem I have as being unable to talk on any Telkom landline. We can talk to each other using Freshphone, and the quality of sound is very good. She is waiting for feedback from myself of what to do.

I noticed that when I looked at my Freshphone Dashboard, my devise is shown as X Offline !, but I can make a call?. I have tried refreshing the screen may times, reloading Dashboard - restarted my phone - changed phones, still the status says Offline.

Hope this helps



I just posted a reply in the last 10 minutes, can you confirm if you received it please. Can not see the posting.



As I have not received any reply to above, I can only assume that you did not get the posting.

I have tested the problem with a Samsung J1 cell phone that I wiped and installed App, still the same problem.

So now have tested on Samsung J1 & J5 and on a Huawei P20 -  all work on cell phone but not on a Telkom land line.

You mentioned that no one else has reported this problem, a friend on mine in the same estate as myself who installed your App Mr Betsie Cloete 0870955330 has exactly the same problem, she has not reported this as she is waiting for me to give feedback to her.

Logging onto Freshphone Dashboard I now see that the devise status is X Offline !. I have reset App on the phone, reloaded it and the status does not change.

Kind regards


Hi Michael

We have tested extensively and we cannot recreate the issue. I can only put it to connectivity seen that you have tried multiple devices. So we now have 2 people that have reported it, yourself and your friend from the same estate in the same region, it points more at connectivity.

The engine that shows what the device status is online or offline is broken at the moment on the TMS. Dev is aware and they are fixing it.

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