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Cant phone out or receive calls (Analogue Phone)

I reccently ported my old Telkom phone line to Freshphone. I have an analogue phone that I have plugged into an ONT that was provided and set up by Openserve but when I phone out it dials but nothing happens afterwards. The account has airtime and is paid up. I tested with the Freshphone app and was able to dial through.  Please assist.

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Hi Michelle, 

I don't know if plugging the phone into the ONT is going to help, I don't know who actually would manage that device. I assume that the phone adapter on the ONT is for voip services offered by telkom and the likes. If you are able to configure a VOIP service on the ONT then you can put in your freshphone credentials, this may or may not work. My suggestion would be to buy a yealink SIP phone or a grandstream ATA adapter from

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