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Freshphone down again?



I use Zoiper softphone on a tablet.


I noticed this weekend that I could not receive any incoming calls on Zoiper.


I tested it myself, just got a engaged dialing tone. 


On TMS it showed the account as offline again.


This morning suddenly its back online?


How reliable is the Freshphone service ? I dont want to port my Telkom number here and find that its not a reliable VOiP solution.  

Hi Werner

FreshPHONE has not been down, if it were down you would see thousands of Forum posts. Our servers sit in Teraco Data center and they are an incredible environment to keep our servers.

Your issue must be related to a local issue. Either your tablet( probably not) or Zoiper Pro(probably not either) or your LAN/WAN connection( 99% of the time this is the guilty party with any VoIP product from any VoIP provider)

Have you disabled SIP ALG in your routers security/firewall settings? What type of router do you use and who is your ISP?


This issue is erratic with Zoiper softphone, and it makes no difference if SIP is on or off on the router. 

Some days it shows the Zoiper device is registered, then other days it shows offline.  So I've stopped using Zoiper on a mobile handset. 

I've tested it with SIP and with SIP off on the router.  And I've switched to using a Grandstream HT802 ATA as device. Still doesn't register with SIP off. 

ISP is Afrihost, Router is the new version DIR-825 fibre router. 

For now SIP is off on the router - and I'm now using an Grandstream HT802 ATA connected to Freshphone.   

I can make and receive VOIP calls, but the device doesnt show up on the TMS dashboard as online. 

There is currently a reporting issue with phone status on the TMS. We are working on resolution.

Seems to be affecting inbound calls also - I get a dialing tone for making calls out - but everyone trying to call me gets an engaged tone. And the phone here doesnt ring. 

Hi Werner

That was linked to an update that an Upstream Provider did to their server environment and then had to roll it back

Seems like it's down as all 3 lines I overlook are down ?

Hi Tyrone

We were down on Saturday evening. One of our databases got corrupted. Anyone still struggling to register need to send us a mail to and we will assist on a case by case basis

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