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Have two geographical numbers - porting to freshphone

 I have two geographical numbers with Telkom.

The one is the main account number and the other is a MyRing number. Gives a different ring tone at home when its called, to the main number. 

Telkom says I cant separate the two numbers, and if I want to port any of these I have to port both geographical numbers at the same time-  as they are linked?

So must I put in two geographical porting  requests at Freshphone for this, in order for both numbers to be linked to my Freshphone account?

And will these all have the same ringtone in future?

Ideally  I would like to distinguish to which number the incoming call is made when it rings on my phone. Ideally by different ringtones, as is possible with Telkom exchanges.

Its a setting Telkom sets at their exchange. Does Freshphone have the same option?

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If both number are reflecting on one Telkom account you would then have to submit one port request.

They would all have the same ringtone, as the structure you currently have is a Telkom feature.

No, as this is a Telkom feature.

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