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Not able to view incoming call history on dashboard?

Hi, my number is not displaying incoming call history on the Freshphone dashboard?


The service for incoming and outgoing was slow and has since been sorted out. This issue should now be resolved.

I am not receiving a call history for incoming or outgoing since my geographic number was ported.

Hi Saul

I can see inbound and outbound calls since the 13th on your account. All Inbound to your ported number.

It's not a major issue, but these do not appear by default. I have to go and find them. Here is the picture from my dashboard when I first log in - you can see nothing under recent activity.


When I click full call history under recent activity, the outbound call history tab opens and again nothing shows up:


Then, when I click options, this is what appears. This implies the date has been set at 2019-05-19 by default, so of course nothing is showing.



It is only when I change the date, that I can see the call history - so yes, it is there but the default dates mean it is not shown automatically. The same applies for incoming calls.

Hi Saul

There was a time server that fell behind. It has been resolved now

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