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The number you have dialed does not exist on euphoria

Good Morning

I have ported my geographic number.

It shows up under DID management.

When I try to call it it says:The number you have dialed does not exist on euphoria


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You problem has been escalated to our upstream provider and I will revert once feedback is received.

Hi I have the same issue."The number you have dialled cannot be forwarded on the Euphoria network". The ported telkom number does work on the call divert option, but is not working on the Yealink phone at home.

Hi David

It might be something on the router that is blocking it. Try turn off SIP ALG in your security/Firewall settings and try use the IP address instead of

Many Thanks

I think Vox (my ISP) is blocking something.

It refuses to connect, but when i use a mobile connection or a different internet connection it works perfectly.

Have you seen this before?

Hi David, I have corrected the dialling issue, however I see your phone is offline therefore will not receive calls.

Please register your phone and re-test and advise.


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