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Expedite porting

I applied to port my Neotel number and sent all my documentation. I received an e-mail to say that all is in order, but it would 1 to 3 weeks. Is there anyway to speed this up or even check the progress?

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I have check on your porting application for you, It was submitted on the 2nd August.

Legally Neotel has 7 working days to respond with feedback, today is the 7th working day, 

Should we not receive feedback today we will escalate until a response is received.

We have however received an email from the Service provider advising on a response delay due to the backlog of Neotel ports received.

I can assure you that your port will be processed however not within the usual timeframe due to the backlog but we will escalate as of tomorrow to make them aware of your port.

Apologies for the delay.

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