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Port of my number from neotel is released

Hi neotel has released my number and it is still not working please can someone assist me urgently as I have been waiting for this some time now I have call neotel to release my number and they did so now it is freshphone is were the delay is Thanks kalvin

Hi Kalvin

We have not been sent the notification that the number is porting yet. Neotel may have released it, but it has not been ported to us yet. We are not able to do anything with that number until it is ported to us

Hi who must do the porting is it neotel or freshphone neotel has released the port to freshphone and freshphone need to complete the process how with neotel be able to port the number on your system Thanks

Hi Kalvin

We are in control if a number ports away from us, we release it, we notify the porting authority, and then the porting authority sends dates to whoever it is porting to and those dates are chosen by the new provider.

When someone ports to us, we literally have to wait until we receive porting dates to choose from. We have not received those dates yet.

Neotel has released the port to the Porting Authority to now engage with FreshPHONE( supposedly) As soon as they engage with us, we will let you know immediately.

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