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Multiple sign-ins

Good day

I would like to know why you as a service provider does not allow multiple sign-ins. I am moving from axxess voip and had this functionality with them. Note that this was also a pre-paid service like yours. It meant I could sign in both my cordless as well as desktop phone at the same time and all would ring if I received a call.

I know this is an issue that can be resolved with DECT (even if you struggle to fine a DECT desk phone) but would like you to consider adding this as part of your package. 

As a household I am sure that you understand that sometimes you want a phone upstairs as well as downstairs and maybe in the bedroom for convenience. This functionality should be part of your offering in my opinion.


Hi Pieter

We do have this functionality as part of our sister companies offerings. Take a look at

FreshPHONE will not offer this functionality in the drive to keep it free

I am aware of your sister company’s offerings as my offices are on euphoria. However i am not interested in getting a pbx system for my house. Im also not interested in paying for a minimum of 3 extensions just to have phones throughout the house. Like i said. This is a service that your competition offers and you should look into it. In the mean time I’ll resolve my dilemma with DECT...

Hi Pieter

Yes, DECT would be the best way to achieve what you are looking for

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